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Intelligent Edge

The world’s first and only global edge platform powered by AI to enable real-time traffic management for maximum uptime and performance.


AI-Powered Traffic Management

With multiple edge providers, Rocket.net’s Intelligent Edge leverages machine learning to determine the best possible route for traffic across 650+ CDN PoPs.

Automated Failover

Always Online

The Rocket.net Intelligent Edge is constantly monitoring all of our edge providers and traffic to ensure the best possible delivery for content.

In the event of service disruption on an edge provider, our platform will automatically failover to another CDN in seconds.


Always Maximum Performance

Intelligent edge goes beyond binary up and down, we use linear regression modelling to determine optimal performance and changing trends allowing us to proactively route traffic via the fastest possible route, all in real-time.

Global Security

Automated Edge Security

Our algorithms are constantly watching and weighing access logs and WordPress activity logs to create rules on all of our edge providers that prevent nasty bots and hackers from attacking your web properties.

  • Bruteforce Protection
  • IP Blacklisting
  • OWASP Top 10

Enhanced Visitor Reach

With over 665 points of presence across various providers, Rocket.net Intelligent Edge can get content within milliseconds of everyone in the world.


Real-world Example

In the example below (powered by SpeedVitals), you can see where traffic is being balanced between Cloudflare and Fastly in the EU to achieve maximum performance.

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